About Claire

  • Graduate of The Beaumont School of Yoga
    Therapy undertaking extensive mentored training
    of clinical applications of yoga therapy within a
    hospital setting.


  • Trained and proficient in EMR for yoga therapy.

  • Speciality Mentored Clinical Training & Exposure
    includes: depression, anxiety & stress, traumatic
    brain injury, trauma and addiction, PTSD,
    oncology, MS, cardiac/pulmonary issues,
    parkinson’s, pain management, childhood
    autism and palliative care.


  • Teaching Assistant Presentations:
    - Endocrine Immune System: Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
    - Circulatory Systems: Heart Health, Meditation, Sound and Chanting.


  • Independent Research Study & Presentation: As part of the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy’s Clinical Extern Seminar, Claire presented her independent research study titled: “Measuring the Effects of Yoga Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injuries.”

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