Meet Claire Whittleston...

Yoga Therapist, Teacher &
Continuing Education Provider working

to bridge Yoga & Healthcare.

Claire is the former owner of The Yoga Clinic based in Michigan

USA. Since relocating back home to Yorkshire, Claire is now the

owner of The Yoga Therapy Clinic Yorkshire.

As a graduate of the Beaumont Hospital School of Yoga Therapy, Claire undertook an extensive 3.5 years of mentored training of the clinical applications of yoga therapy. Claire is trained and proficient in Electronic Medical Recording (EMR) for yoga therapy.

Claire worked with patients one on one in the yoga therapy clinic, part of the Integrative Medicine Department as well as externally, working with many different populations. Speciality mentored clinical training and exposure includes: depression, anxiety & stress, traumatic brain injuries, trauma and addiction, oncology, MS, cardiac/pulmonary issues, Parkinson's, pain management, childhood autism and palliative care. Yoga Therapy assists in deceasing the effects of disease and discomfort through adaptive physical activity, breathing and relaxation techniques. Through yoga therapy individuals become empowered to manage and sustain their own sense of well-being, strength and stability. 

Claire has presented on the Endocrine Immune System: Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Circulatory Systems: Heart Health, Meditation, Sound and Chanting.  As part of the Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy’s Clinical Extern Seminar, Claire presented her independent research study titled: “Measuring the Effects of Yoga Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injuries.”

Claire is also a freelance adult and children's yoga and meditation teacher offering classes at local studios, schools, recreation/fitness centres and health/medical facilities.

Also a trained Kirtan leader, Claire leverages her talents in music helping individuals generate powerful vibrational sound waves through chanting and mantra recitation, promoting healing, insight and spiritual wellbeing. Private harmonium and chanting lessons are available for those wishing to create a home practice.