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Heart Felt Gratitude to...

Kirtan leader coach, teacher and friend Michael H. Cohen, for endless support and guidance. Grammy award nominated producer Ben Leinbach, for conveying my musical expression so amazingly well, and for helping to fulfill my dream of sharing my voice and my music with the world.

Artists Johanna Beekman, Michael H. Cohen and Ben Leinbach for sharing your divine soulful voices on my debut album. To the musicians who put their heart and soul into my first recording project including instrumentalist Ben Leinbach and guitarist Gawain Mathews.

My teachers... Sheryl Edsall and the Naturally Yoga Community, for recognizing my talent. Alan Haras, founder/director of Hamsa Yoga and the Cardoner Institute for Contempative Leadership, for your teachings, your support and for providing opportunities to enable me to blossom. The Hamsa Yoga Community and the Red Lotus Community for showing up and for your encouragement and support. My Kirtan Leadership community, for being with me every step of the way. What a journey!


Voice coach, Kim Louden for helping me reach my vocal potential. Piano teacher, Anna DiBerardo Butkovich for your teachings and mentorship. My students for asking me to sit up, listen and do something with my voice. Friends and family...I could not have done this without your continuous love and support.

May those who listen and heal from these uplifting mantras be blessed and know that we are empowered by the love and grace of God to find and reveal those jewels hidden inside our souls. Listen, surrender and seek your truth my friends. I'm sure you'll be surprised by the outcome.

Love Claire x

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