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Yoga Therapy Session Testimonials

“The Yoga Clinic Michigan and Claire Whittleston cannot be more highly recommended.  I had taken many of Claire’s courses in the past and knew she was a skilled teacher, so I jumped at the chance for one on one yoga therapy sessions.  I have been dealing with C-PTSD, anxiety, and depression and was looking for natural remedies.  Claire employs many and varied techniques including adaptive movement, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and at my request, chanting to assist meditation.  Each week I am provided with a sheet that reviews all the tools I have learned that I can do for homework.  In just over a month, I am finding my stress levels reduced and sleep patterns improved.  The best I feel all week is when I walk out of the yoga clinic.  If you are looking for improvement in your life or in your yoga, and you want an environment that is safe, effective and non-judgmental, I would advise this method strongly.”
- D.L., yoga therapy patient at The Yoga Clinic MI LLC 

"Claire practices safe methods that encourage peacefulness of the mind and body." - M.S., yoga therapy patient at The Yoga Clinic MI LLC


“Thanks Claire for a very insightful and challenging chair yoga practice this morning. Of course, it will help with rehab after I get my knees fixed, but the surprise benefit was in alignment and rotation that I could focus on with the chair's support. (I'm talking knee, hip, ankle, back, shoulders in warrior 1 & 2). I was embarrassed by how "lazy" or compensating my practice has become. The chair poses are very adaptable and I believe they can be as gentle or challenging as needed. I also enjoyed the breathing exercises and chanting. And, who knew you can do seated sun salutation with an up dog. Claire's friends; if you need some extra support, are coming back from an injury, or an experienced yogi wondering about chair yoga, please give Claire's class a try. I bet you'll be glad you did.” 

-The Yoga Clinic MI LLC, chair yoga student 2019

“Claire at The Yoga Clinic has helped me manage my pain. Within just two visits I learned many breathing techniques that have helped tremendously to ease my pain and I can use it as and when I need it. Claire is very knowledgeable.” 
-The Yoga Clinic MI LLC, Yoga Therapy patient, 2019

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