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Healing Through Creative Expression

Soul/r&b/pop influenced mantra music. A blending of Sanskrit mantra, English lyrics &                                                                       soulful grooves, with a contemporary heart-opening style. 
Claire's debut EP, Dreams Can Come True (2016), is an uplifting and inspired musical journey of the heart and soul. These songs are an invitation to connect with your deepest dreams and desires, allowing them to take you places you never throught possible.

Dreams Can Come True urges listeners to heed the longings of their heart and soul, surrender fears and bravely follow their dreams. The music and lyrics offer a potent invitation to follow your curiousity, look inside and discover the tresures that are hidden deep within your heart and soul.

Claire Whittleston - lead vocals, harmonium
Ben Leinbach - choir vocals, all other instruments & programming
Gawain Mathews - electric guitar
Johanna Beekman - choir vocals, ad lib
Michael H. Cohen - choir vocals

Recorded, mixed and produced by Ben Leinbach
Mastered by Hans Christian
Production Consultation by Michael H. Cohen

All compositions by Claire Whittleston (Meerabai Yoga & Kirtan LLC, BMI) except the intro. to Over The Rainbow by Harold Arlen, E Harburg.

Surrender - Claire Whittleston
00:00 / 00:00
Over The Rainbow - Claire Whittleston
00:00 / 00:00
Flame Of Truth - Claire Whittleston
00:00 / 00:00
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