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"Claire brings a fresh sound to mantra music. She wanted an "old-school soul" vibe for this recording, and I was totally game to pursue that direction. This 3-song EP is a soulful, funky, uplifting experience. I produced, recorded, and mixed this project.” - Ben Leinbach, Producer 

"The three songs on Claire Whittleston's debut CD - Dreams Can Come True - offer a fresh take on an ancient musical/spiritual practice. Whether singing English lyrics or Sanskrit mantras, Claire's uplifting vocals traverse funky R&B influenced grooves to create a contemporary sound that is both soulful and inspiring. Do yourself a favor and listen to these musical gems - you will be delighted!" - Mike Cohen, Kirtan Leader Institute founder

""The Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donohue once wrote that he "would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding." In SURRENDER, we are invited into an experience of this joyful unfolding - surprised and carried by the river of Claire's soulful voice, and energized by the song's artful composition. This inspiring track is a perfect companion for anyone making the journey to the ocean of Life."
- Alan C. Haras, owner of Hamsa Yoga Center and founding director of the Cardoner Institute.


Yoga Chat with The Accidental Yogist, host Joni Yung. 

Check out this PodOmatic episode! Episode 253 -

Making A Dream Come True

"Claire Whittleston's debut EP "Dreams Can Come True" is a heartfelt offering with rich instrumentals produced by award-winning Ben Leinbach. The vocal melodies are beautiful and she uses her pure voice to deliver inspirational messages with sincerity." - Johanna Beekman, Kirtan Artist
"Claire offers a stunning gift of mantra that sings in your heart as a blessing.  The addicting grooves bring happiness where you can’t help but smile. Mantra is medicine for your mind.  Claire has a beautiful angelic voice which allows the medicine to be received as loving healing light.  It is an honor to know Claire and know that dreams do and can come true when you give your gifts for universal love." - Sheryl Edsall, owner of Naturally Yoga
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