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Private Yoga Therapy Sessions at The Yoga Clinic MI LLC
Private one-on-one yoga therapy sessions are designed to help individuals learn techniques that they can put into place to help manage and improve their own health and well-being. People learn to relieve and reverse various health challenges using breath work, gentle movement and meditation. Working with these yogic tools for the body, mind and breath, a state of stability, strength, restfulness and composure can be achieved. Research and awareness regarding the healing aspects of yoga has grown and more people are demanding more of an holistic approach to medicine and healthcare. The physical benefits of yoga therapy include a decrease in pain, increased musculoskeletal strength and flexibility, decreased blood pressure, lowers the heart rate, increases immunity, relaxes the nervous system, improves sleep and more. Psychologically, yoga therapy reduces anxiety, depression, increases mind-body connections, promotes healthy coping strategies, increases self compassion and self-acceptance. 

People with an array of health challenges including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies and asthma, cancer, MS and other endocrine/autoimmune diseases can benefit from yoga therapy. People with musculoskeletal issues, heart issues, women struggling with menopause, pre/post natal issues, pre/post surgery and end of life may also benefit from yoga therapy sessions.
To take part in a private yoga therapy session, a prescription must be signed and agreed upon by your physician.

Cost: $80 per hour. 

Yoga Basics
Basic yoga postures, breath work and meditation techniques are introduced giving an opportunity for personal exploration. This class is suitable for a beginner learning body alignment and form or for anyone wishing to refresh their practice on the basic principles of yoga. The poses are broken down and there is opportunity to ask questions if needed!

Slow Flow
A creative sequence of classical hatha-vinyasa based asana postures benefitting overall emotional and physical wellbeing. Movement with breath helps to relieve anxiety, depression and stress as well as helping to gain focus, strength, tone, flexibility and balance. Classes include asana (postures), pranayama (breath work) and meditation (coming to stillness), including mantra with music or the use of chanting/singing to the sacred sounds of harmonium to bring about healing to the whole body, mind and spirit. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils take you to a higher level of complete bliss and is often incorporated to enhance relaxation and clarity of mind. Benefits of asana, pranayama and meditation techniques go beyond the yoga mat, once they begin to flow, they will influence the rest of your life.

A slow and adaptive yoga class designed to meet the needs of the individual, enhancing overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We use yoga props including blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters to help enhance relaxation. The infusion of aromatherapy essential oils/lotion take you to a higher level of complete bliss and is often incorporated to enhance relaxation and clarity of mind.

Chair Yoga
A practice that modifies yoga poses so that they can be done while seated in a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people who cannot stand or lack mobility to move easily from standing to seated to supine positions.

Children's Yoga (1st to 5th grade)
An interactive class with the encouragement of understanding the body and the importance of making healthy choices in life. We practice simple poses, breath work and meditation techniques with lots of positive affirmations, story telling, group games, fun and laughter! 

Private Chanting & Harmonium Lessons

Create a home based chanting practice and learn simple mantras that can be used as medicine for the soul. Vibrational mantra recitation can be used as a meditative tool  helping to steady the mind. Using mantras and rhythms of healing sounds can help with everyday life and health problems. It is an energy based technique that can enrich your spiritual journey to healing and freedom. 

Cost: $75 per hour at Claire's home yoga studio, 

         $100 per hour to travel to a desired location within a 20 mile radius of

         Rochester Hills. For further travel a mileage fee will be agreed upon. 

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